A Day with Jay @ JAY LENO’S GARAGE…


Had an awesome day yesterday with Jay Leno at his cool garage in Burbank. It’s massive at about 2-3 times the size of the Petersen Museum with so many cool cars that I lost count. Love to show you some, but out of respect to Jay and his team, his collection of fine rides will stay in the garage.

We shot an episode of his Book Club and that airs on Youtube and tons of other places May 1st. I also announced Wacky Rides BOOK 2, so that was fun and signed a few to the Jay and the crew. And no, I’m not gonna say what it is LT or SB until May 1st, no matter how much flogging I get. But buy Book 1 so that Book 2 isn’t lonely…

BIG THANKS to Jay and Kico for having Kathie and I, the awesome YooHoo with lunch, and look forward to doing some of the “other things” we discussed while there!

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