COOL RIDES for ya mama…

Car Bentley-by-Vilner

Yes, Mama’s gotta be pimpin’ the cool metal too, so let’s give her one of these. But let her pick, or you’ll get in trouble.

Starting with the Bentley GT by Vilner (above), there’s the 2014 Mercedes Benz UNIMOG, Buick Riviera Concept, Chery ANT, Renault’s Dacia Duster, Lamborghini Muira Concept & a wierd VW people’ car Concept. Take that, SUPERHEROES!!!

Car 2014-Mercedes-Benz-Unimog  Car Buick-Riviera

Car chery-ant Car DC Design Renault Dacia Duster Car Lamborghini-Miura-GT-concept1 Car Lamborghini-Miura-GT-concept2 Car Lamborghini-Miura-GT-concept3 Car VW1 Car VW2

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