MOVIEBITS… Robert Downey Jr shows up in the Audi Electric R8 for the IM3 Premiere…


Well, if you’re gonna show up for your own premiere… and save on gas, then this is the car. And it’s good for Robert to save money because he only got 8 Bagillion Dollars for this last Iron Man. Seriously… 8 Bagillion. That’s like, 8 Bagillion zeros after the 8.

8 to the Bagillionth X 8.

Ok, wait. How can that be? That’s… that’s like WAY too many zeros ’cause it already a bagillion times 8 and that would be 16 Bagillion, right? I don’t think they paid him that much, ’cause that’s like all the money on the planet and since I have three dollars in my pocket, he doesn’t have that.

Oh, wait. I owe him three bucks for the latte he bought me last weekend at Bagillions on Sunset. Dang!!!

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