BUICK RIVIERA Concept is smokin…’ @buick #buickriviera


Although Cadillac is leading the charge to re-define its image and brand, Buick is hot off it’s heels. Although they seem to still be in concept mode as their production cars aren’t quite that innovative yet. Design is still a bit shy, but I have a distinct feeling that Buick will make a play soon by the looks of this Riviera. Keep you toes crossed…

Buick-Riviera-Concept-Interior-Rendering-02 Buick-Riviera-Concept-Interior-Rendering-03-720x405

Buick-Riviera-Concept-Rendering-03 Buick-Riviera-Concept-Rendering-05-720x405 Buick-Riviera-Concept-Rendering-07-720x405  Buick-Riviera-Concept-Rendering-09-720x405 Buick-Riviera-Concept-Rendering-10

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