THE BIG PHOTO SHOW brings out the crowds… @thebigphotoshow @bettinabush @sony


What a great time this weekend. Met so many cool people like lil’ Nathan Nazarian who did this great sketch below along with the gettin’ a photo with yours truly. Thanks, Nathan!

BIG THANKS to Mike Kahn @SONY, the great peeps at PMA (Jen and Melissa), Cadillac, Alan Taylor and Bettina Bush from Entertainment Radio Network and all those that turned out for my Car Seminar! What a blast!

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DSC05247 DSC05248 DSC05249 DSC05250 DSC05251 DSC05252 DSC05253 DSC05256 DSC05261 DSC05265 DSC05268 DSC05270 DSC05272 DSC05275 DSC05291 DSC05298 DSC05304 DSC05329 DSC05330 DSC05333 DSC05335 DSC05336 DSC05344 DSC05347 DSC05348 DSC05357 DSC05358 DSC05359 DSC05360 DSC05364  DSC05373 DSC05375 ERN Nathan Winner

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