Hump Day FUTURETECHTURE… It’s tha thang…


So cool is today’s FUTURETECHTURE that I’m gettin’ in the car and hittin’ these places all at once. Unless, some of them are on other worlds, to which, I’ll go get coffee instead.

Why post visions of the future? Because our future is cool, every day. But here’s the secret to making it cool… You ready?

You have to think it WILL be in order to make it happen. I KNOW my future is always super cool and BOING, it manifests exactly like that. It’s a choice. A choice to SEE things better in each moment. Now, go get’ ’em killa…

Crown Syd Imperial Tower Mumbai1 Imperial Tower Mumbai2 Thermal

Art by Dylan Cole Art by Frenic Art by Guit Fiddle Matte1 Matte2

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