CULVER CITY CAR SHOW crowds come out for the Coolness! @galpinautosport @GeorgeBarris @DStudioPress


Wow, what an insane day at George Barris’ CULVER CITY CAR SHOW. Hundreds of Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Customs and just about everything else showed up. Got to hang with George and his palace of ladies, Mad Mike and the awesome doods from GAS (Galpin AutoSports), sign books with DSP as well as meet Fireball Fans from all over. Super cool kids who love cars came to visit me, snag a copy and have a great time drawing and takin’ pix.

Great to see everyone!!!!

DSC05457 DSC05459 DSC05460 DSC05461

DSC05462 DSC05464 DSC05465 DSC05466 DSC05473 DSC05474 DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05479 DSC05480 DSC05482 DSC05483 DSC05484 DSC05486 DSC05487 DSC05488 DSC05491 DSC05492 DSC05496 DSC05498 DSC05499 DSC05500 DSC05501 DSC05502 DSC05503 DSC05506 DSC05507 DSC05513 DSC05515 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05520 DSC05521 DSC05522 DSC05523 DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05528 DSC05531 DSC05533 DSC05535 DSC05536 DSC05538 DSC05539 DSC05541 DSC05542 DSC05543 DSC05544 DSC05520

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