Mom and Dad

This was my Mom. Both known as Fireball Pop ‘n Mom. She was awesome and addicted to positivity. I have both of them to thank for that. But it so happens to be Fireball Pop’s Birthday today, too! Man, the craziness has ensued…

But today is dedicated to all YOU MOMS out there!

I want to wish you the absolute best day possible and say I LOVE YOU ALL! The world is a special place because Moms do what they do best by loving their kids… Even when they don’t take out the trash, complain about their girlfriends, drop their clothes on the floor, call you from jail, light a train car on fire, knock out their teeth, trip over the dog poop and drag it into the house, pick their noses and stick it on the wall, dye their hair purple and green because it’s “French Day,” eat something bad and then barf into your new boots, fart in the kitchen in front of the neigbs, call you from jail again, get drunk at the school football game and get a call from the principal… then date the principal’s daughter only to piss her off too, call you @ 3am and ask if you have Prince Albert in a Can, call you from jail for a 3rd time and then say “I just want to come home.”

Yea, you know who you are…

THIS, is why Mom’s are cool. So celebrate your Mom… and Moms, get out there and do the day like you’ve never done before. Thank you for being who you are.

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