Take your pick of today’s COOL RIDES… I have the keys.


Ok, so I have the keys to these cars and I ain’t afraid ta use ’em! Which one do I send to you? How about the DIODE BIKE by Jon McCoy above? Or maybe Pininfarina’s Grand Lusso Coupe, the Peugeot Capture Concept, Delorean Phone Case (Not a car, but coooool), Giuseppe F1 for 2025 by Jaemin Park, Honda Ruckus Custom LV Bike, Lamborghini Egoista, Rat Jeep, Skoda Kite ECar or the Velo WoodBike?

Ok, now if I can just have your Starbucks Card…

BMW+Pininfarina+Grand+Lusso+Coupe+1 Captur-RS-0 DeLorean-DMC-12-iPhone-5-Case giuseppe-next-generation-f1-machine-for-2025-by-jaemin-park11 giuseppe-next-generation-f1-machine-for-2025-by-jaemin-park12 Honda-Ruckus-Custom-LV-Project-1 Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-6 Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-7 Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-8 Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-9 RatJeep skoda-kite-electric-car-concept6 skoda-kite-electric-car-concept7 velo0201

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