Fireball drives the 2013 HONDA ACCORD EX-L COUPE…

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Interesting thing about cars and how diverse they are. In subtle and in major ways, like people. You can take several coupes and see minor differences, but those can make all the difference.

The thing about HONDA is that what they make is secure. They aren’t racy out of the box or exaggerated, nor are they disjointed or half-built. The way to really tell cars apart is by driving them so close together as I get a chance to. And when you throw them into the mix like that, you begin to see the subtle differences.

The 2013 HONDA EX-L COUPE is a solid car. But more than solid, it’s secure. A tool that brings Peace of Mind. Now, not everyone is actively seeking peace of mind, although you’d think that’d be the number one goal for everyone. But, to want peace of mind, you actually have to believe you can attain it. If your thoughts are all over the place and you don’t wrangle them in, then POM can be hard to attain. But a Honda helps.

2103 Honda Accord 3

This lil’ Modern Steel Metallic version came to me for a week and throughout that week, I got a lot done. And how did the Honda help? By giving me peace of mind that I didn’t need to worry about how it functioned. Its 278hp 24 valve VTEC motor was smooth and easy, it’s leather seats were comfortable (although actual leather is now being poo-pooh’d), its overwhelming list of extras and features made it deliver on virtually every scale. And at just over $32K, it’s affordable. Fuel economy could be (and will be) a bit better as always, but the 18/28MPG rating allowed for this to be classed as performance. So it moves.

I’m an extreme guy. This wouldn’t be my car, honestly. But it would be a car for my son to which would bring me tremendous peace of mind even more than me driving it. And,… I wouldn’t probably have to buy him another car… EVER. If that’s the only peace I ever got… it’d be worth it.

Check out Honda’s site to see how you can put one together for fun. Nothing fancy, just straight forward peace of mind.

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