Bride of Fireball wins Earth Balance Contest for “MOST CREATIVE” Recipe

Firery Tofu Benedict

About a week ago, Kathie (my wife, AKA “The Bride of Fireball”) said to me, “I want to enter a vegan recipe into this EARTH BALANCE contest that’s online. Should I?” And I’m like… DO IT!!

Question was, with what recipe? Winners would receive a years supply of cool Earth Balance products and an awesome gift pack, so it was certainly worth it because they make stuff we eat all the time.

So, Kathie set to work coming up with a unique dish that might be worthy of sharing, as the bottom line was that if she won, then the world would get one more yummy thing to chow. And in two days, that recipe came to be known as “Firery Tofu Benedict.” Over the week, she made it twice and with some slight adjustments and the use of my taste buds (I’m always the guinea pig, thank you very much) and the second version was toyt! This was the dish that would do the trick and get the mouths a waterin.’

I took some snappy shots with my Sony A77 and we wrote the description into Earth Balance’s website, then we chowed down while watching “Person of Interest” from Netflix. (A great show, btw…) Slurp! The next morning, we hit the SUBMIT button and BAM! Off it went… Mission accomplished.

Then… a week or so later we get an email…

Now here’s the thing. Kathie has never won anything in her whole life. I mean, nada. Not a T-Shirt. Not a stick of Juicy Fruit. Not even a Papaya. (Yes, you CAN win papayas…) Being a creative powerhouse in film and costumes is one thing, but an award winning recipe? Is the world silly enough to manifest this blatantly firery dish?

Yes… it was. And she won. Lil’ Miss Kathie won MOST CREATIVE DISH.  And the look on her face as she told me sent us into an uncontrollable laughing spell that lasted ten minutes. I mean, we were hysterical like we had just won the lotto. 

Belief is a intangible thing. It has to be wrangled like a bucking bronco in order to be ridden. Many people just won’t take that step because it’s scary. “What happens if they don’t like it? If I fail?” Their fear keeps them at bay, on the sidelines, wading in the shallow waters of the stream. But, success comes from one step at a time. You walk from LA to NY with one small step and don’t worry about what’s in Kansas.

So, for all of you out there today who are grappling with the big horned demon of belief,… we say one thing. “For today, just for today… feel the fear and do it anyway.” You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Rewards don’t come from working hard, they come from the initial cause of your belief. Know that you can… not how. Just believe that a way will be made… and then what is right for you… always gets revealed.

Join me in congratulating Kathie and thanking EARTH BALANCE for creating a contest that shares good things with the world. Check out their cool products, too. Maybe you should enter their next contest?

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