Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Blade Runner, EX3, T4, Thor, Machete


• First off… WHAT? The new BLADE RUNNER is being written by the guy who wrote GREEN LANTERN? Wait… let’s be clear. The first draft was hammered out by master Hampton Fancher and this other dood (Michael Green) is gonna put in his 2 cents. He co-wrote Green Lantern and has actually done some other good things. So… faith young Starstrucker.

• CONFIRMED! Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage and Milla Jovovich are in late stage talks for EXPENDABLES 3. Good. That means that I still have a chance…

• New TRANSFORMERS 4 Autobot Hound. More cars from Michael bay. More explosions. MORE! MORE! MORE!!!

• Some new shots from THOR: THE DARK WORLD. That’s all. Just LOOK at them and say… “Uh, huh.”

MACHETE KILLS poster with Michele Rodriguez. Just that. Take it like the cool cat you are…


Machete-Kills T41 T42 Thor The Dark World1 Thor The Dark World2

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