Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Bond 24, Guardians, Interstellar, Man of Steel Featurette #movies

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Penelope Cruz is probably going to end up as the Bond girl in BOND 24. Oh, fine. If it has to be her…

Benicio Del Toro has snagged the lead role in Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Good guy, bad guy… who care. He’s Benicio.

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Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR gets a November 7, 2014 Release. Music by Hans Zimmer and starring Matthew McConahey. It’s 12 levels of space with 5 levels of music and 1 actor. Hm… interesting.

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• EXPENDABLES 3 is set for August 2014 Release… Now I know where I’m taking my wife for her birthday. Go Jackie


• And finally, here’s a 13-minute MAN OF STEEL Featurette that really goes in-depth… Hit this link here to watch.


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