Sunday’s RCX SHOW brings out hug crowds and mondo kids…


It wasn’t enough that I went to Huntington Beach, but afterwards I met a ton of new people at THE RCX SHOW at The Long Beach Convention Center. Did a fun Book Signing and got to hang with kids, fams and the crazed Hooter Girls! (They were pretty funny, actually)

PLUS, RC Fans were goin’ nuts over the helicopters, movie cars and everything else. Check out the mondo shots below for some of the highlights…

DSC05916 DSC05917 DSC05918 DSC05919


DSC05920  DSC05923 DSC05926 DSC05927 DSC05928 DSC05929 DSC05932 DSC05933 DSC05934 DSC05935 DSC05936 DSC05937 DSC05938 DSC05939 DSC05940 DSC05942 DSC05943DSC05915

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