Bug & Sammy get the trim… Bummer


Yea, those of you who have pups know that giving a haircut can be a lot of work. Which is why some may take your pooches to PetSmart and have a “pro” do it. For $100, yo!!!!

But us?

We like the joy that comes from torture. Getting your dog to sit still doesn’t torture the dog, but yoooou. It’s like clambering to grab hold of a greasy ice cube while wearing over-sized construction gloves in 120 degree heat… and bouncing on a pogo stick (Almost forgot that one…).

BUT, alas… there’s joy, too. The joy of having a clean trimmed pup that’s happy and licks your face until the cows come home. (And that alone, can be a long time, folks.) Not to mention all the pillows you could fill with their hair.

Yes, creepy… but cost effective. 😉

DSC05766 DSC05767  DSC05769   DSC05772

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