PORSCHE BOXSTER appears @ The Fireball Pad @porsche #porsche

Fireball Tim Boxster

Ok, so there I was, minding my own business when this dood named Bubba walks up to me and says… “Hey, you look like a guy who should be driving a brand new BOXSTER!” I stand there… stunned. Awestruck. CONFOUNDED! Why?

Because HE’S RIGHT! I SHOULD! And… voila!!!! He hands me the keys right there in front of my own house! Can you believe it??? I know! Blew my mind, too!!

I mean… I nearly soiled my shorts… had I been wearing shorts. But, I was wearing jeans, so that didn’t happen. BUT, it could’ve!! Instead, I took the key… fob, clicked it, and the car beeped… as if to say, “Hey Fireball! LET’S DO THIS THING!”

So.. we are. For this week, Let the coolness begin.

Wanna see it? Come to tomorrow’s BOOK SIGNING @ The Spectrum Club! No… you can’t have the keys because they will be locked away tightly in… in… in my pocket. But, you can have a smoothie, so that’s nice.

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