FAST & FURIOUS 6… Everything a movie is supposed to be and MORE…


Ok, so with that said… why do I really need to mention more?

Easy, …there’s a reason that movies work and why they don’t. Some filmmakers know this and some… don’t. You know who they are and you have to at least give them effort for trying. But as you know, there are a million ways to kill a movie in Hollywood from the writing to the editing… and everything in between.

But Director Justin Lin knows how to make a film. Never mind that the final scene was shot on a 20 mile long runway. He didn’t try to get away with it but wanted to help you grasp more. Never mind that the stunts, jumps, chases and crashes were completely unreal because he was simply trying to get you to remember what it was like when you pulled out your hot wheels as a kid and did THE THING.

No stone was unturned with Lin and his crew. They knew how to bring you into a film and keep you there, but not because of the CRASHES, ACTION and HOOPLA. He knews how to do this because of the basics. The MOST IMPORTANT parts of a film.

What’s that?

The People.  We have to relate to the people. Heroes we want to be. Strength we hope to have. Lines we wish to come up with in just that moment. The people is THE SCRIPT… and keeping it solid throughout filming no matter what the studio said to cut.

Each character, you liked. Even the bad guy SHAW. You hated him because he was so smart and drove a wicked 4-wheel steering F1 Race Car that scooped other cars into the air. He thought of that and you’re jealous because you want one. HOBB’S (Dwayne’s Johnson) arms were so huge that it just made you laugh until… they brought out someone even BIGGER that dropped your jaw. And Dwayne just smirked. His reactions were laser pointed.

The Furious Team was all about family, taking them on an adventure that finally landed them in a place that was completely unexpected. 1327. What’s that? Oh, no… not from me.

And then… when the film was over, Lin threw one last thing in that rocked your world upside down, bringing in someone completely unexpected and opening the gates of hell. Who was it? Oh, no… not even gonna go there.

FAST & FURIOUS 6 is for those who haven’t lost their sense of humor in going to the movies. Those that realize that to criticize is to infect the very soul of their own good. This is a FUN film with characters, lines, situations and cars that just keep coming in completely unrealistic scenarios. Pushing the limits of creativity and dynamics. Clear on what entertainment is supposed to be. It’s the best one yet…

And now, FF7 is heading to Dubai, but with a different Director. Let’s hope Lin is at least available for some advice.

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