Witnessing the power of the Universe @ work…


Yesterday was a day I will long remember. A day where seemingly unconnected events worked together to convey a message. And here’s what happened…

My wife (Kathie) and I decided to head up the coast on PCH to a favorite spot in north Malibu where we sit, have coffee and read from one of our favorite books. Something we do from time to time to unload, talk and enjoy the beauty of the coast.

As we drove up in this week’s Porsche BOXSTER (and awesome ride, btw) Kathie suddenly blurted that instead of coffee, she thought Ice Cream from Malibu Yogurt might be fun. A swift couple of turns and we were arcing for ice cream.

Inside, at the exact moment, we saw our friend Kim who mentioned to us that she was moving to a part of Malibu that is exactly where we want to move as well. In fact, mentioning the exact house we want to get also and how beautiful it was. The point is, is that a random move to the ice cream store at that exact moment resulted in us discussing something we love and seeing our friend. Ok, no big deal. Happens all the time, right?

Next up… we head up the coast with our Ice Creamed Porsche and I get the thought that I’d like to shoot the car at the BIG ROCK that’s up north first. You know the one. A great beauty spot. So… woosh. In a jiff, we arrive… only to park right next to another Boxster that pulled in also. Hm.

This, resulted in a 2 for 1 photo shoot. The owners, Rick and Elizabeth were super cool… and had we not decided to head north, stop for ice cream, we would not have met them. His car was covered in a new sort of cool latex which was intriguing, so I shot it a bit, we exchanged contacts and then we both scooted south. They were only there for 5 minutes or so…

Driving south, Kathie and I stopped at our fav spot, pulled out some chairs and the ice cream and began to chill. Only… about 5 minutes into that, 2 bikers stopped at our exact spot. Enter Mark and Peggy…

Having started near Sacramento, they had been riding for 17 days south and were headed to the border of Mexico. An incredible ride. We struck up a convo in that instant and began to discuss metaphysics. That let to laughing, having fun and taking pictures. Also waving to Rick and Elizabeth as they drove by and honked, waving from their cool car. (Mark and Peggy have a journal of their ride on Crazyguyonabike.com)

Ok, as I said… we lined up Kim @ Ice Cream = joy in 2 minutes… Rick and Elizabeth = joy in 5 minutes… Mark and Peggy = joy in 10 minutes. An interesting equation. What was this about?

Here we go…

As Kathie and I headed back home, discussing these great people and how interesting everyone was, we were passing PC Greens on PCH going south. In a flash, a car from the other side of the highway crossed the median going about 45, missing us by an inch, only to fully impact head on into the car next to us. I barely manged to swerve and pull to the side. The sheer sound of the impact rang in my ear for the next 20 minutes.

Racing back with others on foot, we came upon a man severely injured and 2 others with their cars totaled, hurt as well. 4 cars in all. Now, if you know traffic in Malibu on a Friday afternoon, you know that something like this is hell. But you also know that when someone is hurt, who the hell cares about traffic.

We did our best in breaking the windows of the car so the man inside could breath, but as usual, the cops and Engine 70 were on the case in a flash. Like a well oiled system, they took over and got the guy away. BIG kudos to the Cops and Fire Doods of 70, as always. See some details in Jessica’s report here, but it seems that a north bound car made a lane change, causing this man to be pushed out of his lane and into an oncoming SUV… and nearly us.

Ok. My point. All these instances had to line up. But why?

They line to make our lives. They line up to show that how we think determines the outcome of our lives. Messages in everything. But essentially, the message for yesterday was to be grateful and live my life with JOY. Friends, experiences, cars, ice cream, helping. All things I love to do.

You see, there really are no coincidences. Every day and in every way, you’re feeding your life with your THOUGHTS. And those thoughts are coming back to you to represent a like-minded result. Worry = things to worry about. Joy = things to be joyful about. They aren’t good or bad, but thinking makes them that way. You get to CHOOSE. And our gift is to choose wisely… knowing that things will comes back to us in kind.

I love Malibu. And I love you guys. People that enjoy beauty. People that enjoy life. Don’t ruin that by being mad. Being callous. Being small. Raise yourselves up. Be what you are. Superheroes. Make the effort and be the change you want to see in the world.

For me? I’m gong to have an absolutely AWESOME day today because I CHOOSE THAT. I’m going to appreciate EVERYTHING. Just to be alive is the greatest gift a person can have. And you and I… are alive.

So look today and see how the Universe lines things up for you. Think thoughts of quality and love. Then… and only then, will you get what you want and really need.

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