RODEO DRIVE CONCOURS… the Huge Gallery highlights


Great day on Rodeo for the 2013 Concours. Saw a lot of tremendous cars (and funky ones) and fun people. As usual, buddy Mr. Leno was mobbed so I stuck with the cars. Great seeing those of you that I DID see and had an awesome lunch at Baja Sharkies. No, that wasn’t on Rodeo silly.

Check out these incredible pieces of art…

DSC06340 DSC06341 DSC06342 DSC06343

DSC06344 DSC06346 DSC06347 DSC06348 DSC06349 DSC06350 DSC06351 DSC06352 DSC06353 DSC06354-tiltshift DSC06355 DSC06356 DSC06357 DSC06360 DSC06361 DSC06362 DSC06363 DSC06364 DSC06365 DSC06366 DSC06367 DSC06368 DSC06369 DSC06370 DSC06372 DSC06374 DSC06375 DSC06376 DSC06378 DSC06379 DSC06380 DSC06381 DSC06383 DSC06384 DSC06385 DSC06386 DSC06387 DSC06388 DSC06389 DSC06390 DSC06391  DSC06393 DSC06394 DSC06395 DSC06398-tiltshift

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