Malibu’s GOLF FORE GROWTH Event brings out a sunny disposition…


When buddy Ted Silverberg suggested I come out to the Malibu Golf and Country Club to meet some friends for the GOLF 4 GROWTH Networking event, I had high hopes. And those hopes were achieved with some great people.

I got to meet people like Meredith Shirk who owns SVELTE Training. Meredith is a personal trainer in a very unique way as she gets you pumped while on the beach. But, as we got a chance to talk while others wacked that little white ball across the green, what was revealed was pretty funny. Turns out she’s married to Cody Shirk, a Fireman. And I coached Cody in Soccer when he was a kid! Yikes! And now, he’s saving lives. That’s just plain cool.

This event is a great way to get to know new people in a stunning setting in the Bu. You can actually see one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s creations right up on the hill, too.

This event happens twice a month, so be sure to head out there if you are into golf. And even if you aren’t, it’s a spectacularly beautiful place to spend some time. Here’s the original post with the INFO.

Fireball_Tim_Golf4Growth1 Fireball_Tim_Golf4Growth2 Fireball_Tim_Golf4Growth3  Fireball_Tim_Golf4Growth5


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