Somebody dropped their ENGINE in the ocean…


Wups. I can see it now. A moonlit drive along Pt. Dume… A bottle of Dom Perrognonsene… Cheese… 1929… And then… all of a sudden…

YEEEOOOOWWWW!!! Over the side, never to be seen again. …Until now.

Went to do some beach-time at Pt Dume the other day and came across an interesting find. Looks like a motor, but hard to tell. I can see the cam and a few familiar parts. Maybe a tractor?

Can you identify what this is??? Anyone got an idea?

Fireball_Tim-PtDume2 Fireball_Tim-PtDume3

Fireball_Tim-PtDume4 Fireball_Tim-PtDume5 Fireball_Tim-PtDume6 Fireball_Tim-PtDume7 Fireball_Tim-PtDume8 Fireball_Tim-PtDume9 Fireball_Tim-PtDume10 Fireball_Tim-PtDume11

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