Cool TRIPSTERS OF THE WEEK! #conceptcars @porsche @porschecarsnews


Random is my game and these are as cool as they come. Try not to drool all over yourself… This set includes an awesome Airship Concept above, Supercar Designs by Alexa Imnadze, some Peugeot ideas and the 2015 PORSCHE PANAMERA.

Alfa-Romeo-6C-Design by Alexa Imnadze-Fireball_Tim Design by Alexa Imnadze-Fireball_Tim_1 Design by Alexa Imnadze-Fireball_Tim_2 ferrari-figaro-by-ciprian-andrus1 ferrari-figaro-by-ciprian-andrus5 Ferrari-Quattroporte Design by Alexa Imnadze-Fireball_Tim Lamborghini-Supercar-Design by Alexa Imnadze-Fireball_Tim Montecarlo-Automobile-Rascasse-1 Peugot Concept_Fireball-Tim Porsche_Targa_Fireball-Tim1 Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo-1 Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo-2 Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo-3 Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo-4 Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo-5

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