Malibu FIREWORKS are front and center… #malibu #fireworks


You never know where the barge will show up in Malibu, but for this year, it parked itself right in front of my house. Crazy! The shear sound was overwhelming. Check out these wild shots…

DSC06402 DSC06404

DSC06405 DSC06406 DSC06407  DSC06409 DSC06410 DSC06411 DSC06412 DSC06413 DSC06414  DSC06418 DSC06421 DSC06422 DSC06426 DSC06427 DSC06428 DSC06429 DSC06430 DSC06431 DSC06432 DSC06433 DSC06434 DSC09626 DSC09646 DSC09647

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