Wednesday is COOL DESIGN DAY… #conceptcars #cars @kia @jaguar #cardesign


So check out these awesome designs including the first ever, solar family sedan above. THIS, is the world we live in. Can you believe it? THIS, is what we get to look forward to and BE in. (Yes, that’s a 519ft personal yacht. I’ll be taking that for a spin, thank you very much.)

Ok, I’m havin’ chocolate for breakfast. I can’t stand the coolness any longer…

2014-Peugeot-RCZ-R-Fireball_Tim Azzam-worlds-largest-private-yacht--Fireball_Tim1 E-Thrust-Plane-Fireball_Tim  Jaguar-Project-7-9 Kia-Concept-Fireball_Tim Kia-Soul-Fireball_Tim opel-monza-concept-Fireball_Tim1


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