PACIFIC RIM… Expanded and Detailed REVIEW! (Spoiler Alert!) #pacificrim


Ok, so I checked out PACIFIC RIM yesterday because the reviews were pretty good. Although, that is NEVER an indication of anything, and you should know that by now. Just an opinion of someone who could be in a good or bad mindset when they go in. Imagine going in after you just had someone barf on you. That would be what I would call… a bad mindset. Ok, then.

But I was excited, and so was Fireball Pop. And… here’s how it went.  Ready?


MONSTER shows up, JAEGERS sent out to destroy it, BIG FIGHT, MONSTER dies… REPEAT… for 2 hours. The End.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back with ANOTHER explosive, huge and detailed review soon… I might even add a photo or two if no one barfs on me. 😉

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