My Daily Sketch… S.H.I.E.L.D. THOR Sound Cannon @thor #thorthedarkworld #thor #avengers


Here are a few sketch concepts I did for THOR. The Sound Cannon Acura. You may have seen it on the show circuit and it may be at Comic Con, but these here explore what I’d call a Vibratory Weapon. Below is the final car where the gun is mounted on top. Came out pretty cool, although they chose the most conservative version.



SoundCannon4_Fireball_Tim SoundCannon5_Fireball_Tim SoundCannon6_Fireball_Tim SoundCannon7_Fireball_Tim SoundCannon8_Fireball_Tim SoundCannon9_Fireball_Tim SoundCannonAcura SoundCannonFinal_Fireball_Tim

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