Kathie completes PEANUT & POPCORN for Honda… #cosplay #costumes #mascot #funny #commercial


Kathie (AKA The Bride of Fireball) just finished these two for a Honda spot recently. They came out pretty cool and the shoot was rock solid.

Look for the commercial coming soon from Honda.


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  • Krystal Denton Trahan

    love the costumes was wondering if the popcorn was available to purchase. I am working for a company which is about to open a movie theater and would love to have the costume for parades

    • Fireball Tim

      Hi Krystal! She could build something similar, but this particular costume is owned now by Honda. Everything that Kathie builds id custom-to-order. If you’d like to know more, just email me at fireballtimrides@aol.com

      • Krystal Denton Trahan

        sent the email, thanks