Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Star Wars 7, Capt Phillips, Wolverine Concepts, Beverly Hills Cop


• Kathleen, George and J.J. have chosen John Williams to score STAR WARS 7… and 8… and 9. Instead of a wand… he now gets a real teeny lightsaber.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Poster puts Tom Hanks in a sticky situation. No, not the actual poster, dummy. It’s the mooovie. What I meant to say was…. oh, just forget it!

• Josh Nizzi’s WOLVERINE Concept Art is off the chart…

• New BEVERLY HILLS COPS movie gets Mission Impossible writer. Good. ‘Cause that’s gonna be an impossible script…


Wolverine2-Fireball_Tim Wolverine3-Fireball_Tim





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