Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Riddick New Trailer, Akira, Batman, Bourne, XMen, Ender

• The RIDDICK new trailer here is fun, cheesy and just plain ridiculous. Enjoy.

• Zack Snyder wants an older Batman for his new SUPERMAN/BATMAN release. Josh Brolin at the top of the list… Unless, my schedule clears up. ;-

• All new BOURNE movie gearing up with Jeremy Renner. Should it be called BOURNE AGAIN?

Automotive Film Festival adds F1 Racing Film “1” to the list along with SNAKE & MONGOOSE. So awesome…
AKIRA is back at Warner Bros with director Jaume Collet-Serra. French Director, Japanese Comic, American Movie, Hummus Popcorn. Hm.
• Full size Sentinel from XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Big Robot, Big Budget, Big Ticket Price.
• Posters: ENDER’S GAME



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