HOLLYWOOD HEROINES don’t care about your excuses… so SNAP OUT OF IT!

Art by Geoffroy Thoorens2_Fireball-Tim copy

Yea, so you’re feeling a bit blue today, eh? THEN SNAP OUT OF IT! Do you think that these warrior women are worried about what’s for dinner? Whether the trash was taken out or not? Whether that squirrel that just stole your nut gives a flyin rat’s rear that you’re complaining??? Hell, no. So, take a tip from them… hike up your shorts, face the fear and LET ‘EM HAVE IT LIKE THE WARRIOR YOU ARE!!!

Ok, time for some Reese’s Pieces…

4th one down… Art by Orlando Aerocena

Art_by_Kerembeyit_Fireball_Tim copy

Art-by-Orlando-Arocena1_Fireball-Tim copy

Art-by-Orlando-Arocena2_Fireball-Tim Art-by-Orlando-Arocena4_Fireball-Tim copy Deadly-Pacifist-Cutey-Sniper-by-OXAN copy

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