Fireball drives THE 2013 PORSCHE BOXSTER S…


Porsche is capable of incredible cars. This, we know. And with machines like the 911, it’s hard to consider creating something cheaper and in any way less. How would you even start?

But when my buddy Bubba showed up with this 2013 Boxster S Convertible and pulled it off the trailer, I expected to find a car that somehow, some way, it just didn’t compare with the 911. There was no way that you could dumb down a Carrera S or make it simpler somehow… that’s what I expected. And… I expected to be disappointed.

Well, in a way, I was.


I was disappointed that I wasn’t right. I was disappointed to find a car that had the exact quality standards of their highest machines, yet cheaper in price and with no roof. Ok, not really missing a roof, but it was just the coolest and fastest roof mechanism I ever saw. Within about 10 seconds or less, it was up or down. No shenanigans.

This “S” version rocked about 315hp @ 6700rpm and cost a wee bit over $62K. Far less than the atomic price of the 911, but equally as fun. The thing to think about with this car concerns your lifestyle. The option of working the paddle shifters or strictly automatic mode gave me flexibility when my mood changed. Driving with my wife required me to “pay attention,” so it was auto all the way or trouble ensued. 😉

Styling has dramatically improved, especially in the rear. Forms and shapes bisect in unique ways and are fun to observe and shoot. This one being in silver allowed me to stealthily move up and down PCH without any intrusion and without someone giving me the hairy eyeball just because I was in a Porsche. I’m not in a mid-life crisis and don’t even know who started that crap. Key to staying “out” of a mid-life crisis is being in the moment. And this car keeps you there. If you want to pick up someone half your age, then you have bigger issues than what kind of car you drive.


Top Speed is 173, and no, I didn’t take it there. 28mpg is pretty good resulting in me not having to touch the tank all week. (And I drove quite a bit.)

I guess what I’m saying is that this lil’ brother to the 911 is not so little. He’s breathing down the neck of his older sibling and scaring the pants off of the competition, if there is any.

Cons? Although the cup holders are still cool and secret, a hot cup of coffee over the gearbox isn’t all that smart. I found myself driving like an old lady any time I went to Starbucks. And the sheer amount of buttons that I wanted “on,” left me feeling a bit like I was writing a novella every time I got in. After doing that for a year, I’d probably let it all go. But then again, this car is a toy and is really meant to be used and fine tuned. So basically, ignore what I just said.

The 2013 PORSCHE BOXSTER S is an eager player in the world of open cockpit fun. The beauty that surrounds you is heightened by the music that emanates from the exhaust. And you are the conductor, so you can choose whatever notes you want. Just be sure your wife likes the same music. 😉

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