Walkin’ the streets of MONTEREY…


During the Autofilmfest, I got to walk the streets of Monterey to a veritable cool car on every corner. It wasn’t uncommon to see 2-3 Enzo Ferrari’s within 10 minutes, let alone some more serious vehicles.

If you could choose, which one of these babies would hit the mark? Be sure to hit the JUMP for more…

DSC06867 DSC06868 DSC06869 FacebookBanner

DSC06872 DSC06873 DSC06875 DSC06876 DSC06878 DSC06879 DSC06880 DSC06881 DSC06883 DSC06884 DSC06885 DSC06886  DSC06889 DSC06891 DSC06892 DSC06893 DSC06894 DSC06895 DSC06896 DSC06897 DSC06899 DSC06902 DSC06905 DSC06909 DSC06911 DSC06914 DSC06915 DSC06916 DSC06917 DSC06918 DSC06920 DSC06924 DSC06926 DSC06929 DSC06930 DSC06931 DSC06932 DSC06934

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