MALIBU RAMBLINGS… Tom Shadyac & Cop Cars


Living in this town affords some unique experiences. And they happen daily and unexpected, thanks to the Universe doin’ its thang…

Yesterday, after goin’ to the gym, havin’ some awesome tacos and falling over for 20 minutes ’cause I was so dang tired… Kathie and I decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream and a walk on the beach. My life is either as a cool stormchaser or the calm before the storm. In this case, it’s the calm but we can see the storm in the distance… brewing.

Case in point, a Barnes and Noble Signing this weekend, Kathie’s Birthday trip to Chicago on the 1st and the upcoming slew of car shows. Not to mention that I pitched two TV shows the other day for Discovery. Such awesomeness… BUT, my point is back to the Bu.

Spotted the below INTERCEPTOR cruisin’ through Malibu revealing that cops are preferring the Explorer to the Sedan for Malibu Police Business. This is cool because it allows for more flexibility in areas where a sedan might be less advantageous. Like… chasing a bad guy into the hills, baby. Wrangle the sucka in, yo!!!

Also, had a great and inspired talk with Director Tom Shadyac briefly at Malibu Yogurt. His film I AM was a great journey, along with his others like ACE VENTURA and many more. Very talented and humble man. Looking forward to seeing him again.

TODAY? Off to see THE BUTLER in Agoura with Fireball Pop & The Bride after some Thai food. Who knows what coolness awaits.

Interceptor View3

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