MALIBU SURF SHACK is all fun… all the time


During the summer, it can be a pretty crazy thing to try and figure out what to do on the weekends. So many activities and so many places you can go. But this is a post about my absolute favorite here in town…

Friends Sean and Leslie Weber own MALIBU SURF SHACK by the Malibu pier. A one stop shop for all things cool since 1972. But there’s more to these two than just Kayaks, Paddleboards, Surfboards, Bikes and TONS of unique ocean equipment. There’s an energy of anticipation that goes beyond any place I’ve experienced on the west coast.

The moment you walk into The Shack, you can feel a powerful excitement and fun about to take place. Sean’s hands are moving in a blur as he directs his team to each new group like a madman directing a Blockbuster film. Leslie is like a pocket rocket as she skirts up and down from their main store to lower their annex’d surf shop.


People from all over the world come to explore something they’ve never done before. Europeans who’ve never been surfing, Australians that have never been in a Kayak (Like that was even possible) and locals that have still yet to Paddleboard (My new fav in the whole world). I had to wait a week for the shop to be empty enough in the morning to get any shots at all. But 5 minutes into my shoot came an onslaught of eager ocean seekers… and I was done.

The lightning speed that these two have in securing your fun is overwhelming. They are committed to GIVING you the ultimate experience with whatever you choose, plus provide the most unique Malibu and ocean based products they can get they’re hands on, including my Kathie’s Surfboard Soaps on a Rope! There are things in this place that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The team consists of Sean, Leslie, their family and a group of strapping surfers like Warren to cater to whatever you need to make your ocean experience the best and most fun possible. There’s just no surf shop like it on the west coast, possibly anywhere.

Do yourself a favor and take a pop into the Shack to see what I’m talking about. GIVING is what Malibu Surf Shack is all about, and in return, you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget. And make sure to bring a camera ’cause you’ll want to take a picture of just about everything.

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