What the heck is that? Oh… it’s FUTURETECTURE


Fans often email me and ask if I came up with the term Futuretecture? And I always say… YES! It comes from the latin root futrticturos meaning Designing Cool Stuff that you can Walk in, Check out and then Instagram your Friends Repeatedly! Seriously. See, I’m so on the ball it’s not even funny.

No, I didn’t come up with it. I think. But, if I did, that would be cool, eh? HEY! How about some coolnesss?

asymptote-the-ARC-multimedia-theater-Fireball-Tim coop-himmelbau-will-design-dawang-mountain-resort_Fireball-Tim

Ecorium-of-the-national-ecological-institute_Fireball-Tim Futuristic-city-digital-matte_Fireball-Tim  zaha-hadid-one-thousand-museum-miami_Fireball-Tim

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