CHICAGO Day 2 reveals Legends of Chicago HipHop…


Ok, so listen up. This is gonna blow your mind…

Kathie and headed out from our hotel yesterday morning in anticipation of hitting the original site of the Chicago World Columbian Exhibition. (The 1893 World’s Fair). We were told the the 146 Bus would take us there as Chicago has the best mass transit anywhere. And off we went… Only….

That was the wrong bus and it dropped us at the Shedd Aquarium. We had to take it back to State St to re-catch the right bus, which was the 10. We did… Only… the 10 never showed up and we were told to take the 6, as it would drop us near enough that we could walk the rest of the way. This put us more than 30 minutes behind our original schedule. Dang… Only…

We got there and began to walk around the building to the lake behind it. The original North Pond where people caught gondolas to tour The White City. It was abandoned, the concrete cracked and looked totally amazing… Only…

There, right on that spot, were a group clad in black doing a photo shoot. Only, one member of what was revealed to us was Blaq Ice and his Legends of Hip Hop was taking the shots. As we approached, one of them said… “You knew we were callin’ you, right?” And I was like,… “Wow, this is interesting. Looks like it’s Picture Poppin’ time!”

So, the band got together on the steps, Kathie backed me up, and we shot away with SONY’s A65 for about 35 minutes, doin’ an amazing shoot of what was just about the coolest group of cats I’ve run across… ever. Check out some Facebook stuff here. After googlin’ them a bit, I found these guys and 1 gal to be true legends, but not only of Hip Hop, but of life itself.

I feel like a rat turd for not writing down everyone’s name, so I ask for forgiveness guys, but Blaq Ice, his partner KrispyKutz and crew were on a mission to spread love and all things positive through incredible music from Chicago, spreading the blessings of coolness across the country. And had we actually caught the 10 bus, we’d have missed them completely.

THAT’S the Universe working for you…

After our incredible time with them, we toured the World’s Fair site (which was overwhelming) and headed back into town for some Chipolte by the river. Had an awesome day in town shopping and hit up Bandera for dinner on Michigan.

A day of pure coolness…DSC09788copy








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