CHICAGO Day 3 is about chowin’ down… @chicagodiner @BobbysBikeHike


Ok, so now I feel like this is an eating trip. Why? ‘Cause it it is…

Although, here in Chicago like many cities, you walk. Walk, walk and more walking. Doesn’t mean you have to, but you choose to because it’s so beautiful. Alas, on this day, we chose to bike too.

Lake Shore Drive is an incredible place to take a spin, and thanks to Bobby’s Bike Hike, Emily hooked us up with cool two wheeled demons. Be sure to see these guys for a good deal. Thanks, Emily!

Lunch was at The Watertower Mall for some incredible stir fry at FoodLife, then hit up the Hershey Store for a small bar.

After a full day of moving through the city, we finally settled at our favorite place, The Chicago Diner for dinner at about 7:30pm. Thank God, because my feet were on fire. Literally. I had to put them out with a milkshake. But if you want an incredible meal and literally the country’s #1 vegetarian restaurant, then this is the place. Buffalo Wings and a Titanic BLT. And say hi to Ella, the manager for us. She’s awesome.

Next up? Cafe Descartes, Chicago Pads and more…

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