CHICAGO Day 5 puts me on the edge… @Kimpton @TheWillisTower

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Literally. The day started out just fine, but by 11am and after we had an awesome breakfast at the Burnham Hotel, I decided we needed to push the envelope.

So, we headed for the Chicago Board of Trade to see if we could check out some Traders in action… but since 911, no one but Traders are allowed in. I couldn’t even get a T-Shirt that said “SELL!” But we got a great mini-tour of the Rookery Building where architect Burnham had his office. He’s the one who designed The White City and many others. Also where Frank Lloyd Wright worked and designed as well. We were greeted by Tion who was a master at giving us incredible info on the building. He was really into it. You gotta do this tour when you head to Chicago for sure.

But, the highlight was heading to Willis Tower. No lines, no crowds… and once we got up to the 103rd floor… NO FLOOR!! What a trippy thing it is to step out into one of these glass boxes and see the street below. It was serious… Then… we headed back to the hotel and I took off home to Malibu. Kathie’s staying for a couple extra days. What a great trip…

My advice? When you travel, EXPECT to have a good time. Don’t worry about whether things are going to work out or not. EXPECT them to go perfect and just do one thing at a time. Then… it always does!

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