Fireball drives the 2013 DODGE CHARGER SRT…


Some luxury sedans feel a bit like rolling couches. Some, heavy and sluggish, some light and eager. But when I got into the 2013 DODGE CHARGER SRT, I was struck by how it felt like I just put on a Muscle Suit. Everything was bulked up, although didn’t actually seem heavy.

The SRT is like a Gladiator. It’s wearing a tuxedo when it’s clean, but it wants to get dirty and drive. It wants to perform. Like a Gladiator in the original Colosseum in Rome, they awaited the fight with focused and impending energy, like how the Charger sits in a parking lot waiting for you to get back to business. But once you’re n, it says… “Let’s do this thing.”


Now, not everyone is looking for such a car. Not everyone wants to be Iron Man, but those looking for a Muscle Car that can double to the Oscars and give you an “I won” sort of attitude, then this is the car for you.

This SRT was fitted with a 370hp & 395lb-ft Hemi V8, so pulling all your friends for a night on the town makes what seems like a colossal feat… child’s play. You begin to wonder if there is anything this beast can’t do. The doors, trunk and hood slam with conviction like a vault. The thickness of the steering wheel and seats convince you that it’s time for a protein shake and an hour on the cycle. If you’re gonna take on this car, then you need to get lean and mean. And this is why cops love it… Or love to chase it.


My money is on a drastic improvement in these model for the coming years. A 2015-16 all new version should be just what it already is… lean and mean. But, does it beg an original 2 door coupe version still? I’d bet my last buck.

2013-Dodge-Charger2_Fireball-Tim  Mopar police cars are ready for duty right from the manufacturer.  Mopar will offer six new police-equipment packages for the high-performance 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit. 2013-Dodge-Charger5_Fireball-Tim 2013-Dodge-Charger6_Fireball-Tim 2013-Dodge-Charger7_Fireball-Tim 2012 Dodge Charger Blacktop



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