Fireball recommends THE SHOOTING STAR SALESMAN by Kico Velarde…


People send me their films all the time, especially now that I’m hosting festivals. But every now and then, there’s a film I really have to highlight. This is THE SHOOTING STAR SALESMAN by my good friend Kico Velarde. A really great short film that is not only shot well, but envisions a unique story carried by actor Yancey Arias.

Now, I could tell you a little bit of what this story is about, but best to use Kico’s description from Vimeo. Needless to say, Kathie and I were surprised at what he came up with as most people nowadays are using CG as the primary element to enhance their stories. But Kico’s short reminds me of the stories my Dad wrote in the 60’s for The Outer Limits and Twilight Zone. He concentrates on character and plot development. Take the time to watch this one. You’ll be glad you did…

Set in modern time, a 19th century ageless Salesman (Yancey Arias) has the magical ability to align individuals with their own unique shooting star to wish upon. His rare gift becomes a curse when he outlives his family, turning him into a recluse and breaking the magic of the shooting star machine. As he ventures out to restore people’s belief in shooting stars, he picks up a curious 8 year old tag along named Elijah (Elijah Velarde) who starts to question if perhaps it’s the Salesman himself who needs to have his faith restored. An unlikely partnership is formed as they embark on a journey to restore the faith of humanity. As their friendship grows, the Salesman is torn between continuing his legacy or renouncing his magical gift for the chance to reunite with the family he lost a lifetime ago.

The Shooting Star Salesman – a film by Kico Velarde from Kico Velarde on Vimeo.

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