On Set with SONS OF ANARCHY… Looks like I’ll be On Set with SOA either Monday or Wednesday for shooting. Why? You’ll see…

OLM Confirmed… Kathie and I will be doing a WACKY RIDES SEMINAR at Malibu’s Our Lady of Malibu Elementary School starting the week of September 30th. M/W/F at 9am. If your kid goes to OLM, then we’ll meet up. Monday is 3rd & 4th Graders, Wednesday is 5th & 6th and Friday is 7th & 8th. We’ll be having a blast and creating a Wacky Ride together.

WACKY RIDES MONDAY… Have you seen this week’s episode? Check it out here. It’s WISCONSIN… so there’s Cheese. Just sayin.’

TOOOOBED… Yes, I grabbed my boogie yesterday because there were about 100 people at the Bu. Went to Latigo instead and got tubed. Frikkin’ awesome…

BARNES & NOBLE SIGNINGS… I may be doing some signings/seminars at Barnes & Noble for the Holidays. Confirmed for CALABASAS, but more coming from Ventura, The Grove, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and a couple others. keep you guys posted!

THE FAMILY… Heading to Malibu’s only theater today at 4pm for s screening of THE FAMILY with Robert DeNiro. Looks cool.

2014 BMW Z4… heading to The Fireball Pad on Tuesday. Looks for another cool episode coming.

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