Final Sketch complete for the BIG BOOK of Wacky States!


Today is a landmark day. This morning, I completed the 50th sketch for my next book, “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky States.” And that state was Wyoming. You know… where Devil’s Tower is from “Close Encounters?”

This is truly exciting because it’s taken about a year to do all 50 as they are head an shoulders in complexity above Book 1. So what’s next?

They’ll get scanned, adding some photoshop adjustments and then assembled into a prototype like the first book. It’s an awesome Visual Textbook for kids, teaching them something cool about every state and again, pushing their creativity. The publisher for book 1 has decided not to do this one, so I’ll be in search of a really solid new publisher with a grand scope and vision.

Time to get crackin.’

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