KING TAHOE Towing Service for wee tykes…


The other day, Kathie and I went up into to town for some grub, only to find a Dad in a parking lot trying to fit his kid’s electric toy Jeep into the truck of his CLS Mercedes. As you can imagine, this jeep was about 3 times the size of the trunk. And that’s when Kathie looked at me and said, “Time for a Tow, Fireball.”

So, we pulled up next to the man and his son as they struggled to shove this car inside, his kid about 5 years old, and said “Need a tow?”

Turned out that he and his son walked from their house on Malibu Road to get some grub too, only the Jeep ran out of juice as they arrived. They walked back home, got their car and… voila, dilemma. But, since King Tahoe is not only a Malibu Taxi but a Towing Monster and always on the case, we lifted the Jeep puppy into the back and followed them back their their cool pad. Us car guys and girls have to stick together. How else are we gonna spread coolness across the planet?

On to the next adventure…


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