Stuck? Have a block? Yea, that happens sometimes….

I was talking with Fireball Pop yesterday and he mentioned that he was facing a writer’s block recently. It’s a hard thing for creative people,… or is it? We become so comfortable with terms. Definitions to describe how we feel or what’s happening to us. But, we have to remember that it doesn’t start out there. It starts in US. WE define. WE describe. WE choose.

So, if we DO have the ability to choose, then we have to choose wisely. We have to make decisions that are good for us and affirming what’s wrong doesn’t do that. Thinking about the problem doesn’t solve the problem. It only perpetuates it. We have to act as if… in order to BE. We have to concentrate on the solution and SEE it in our mind’s eye.

Now, some people would say that I’m not being realistic. Pretending to be something I’m not. But there’s more to this than meets the eye…

It’s easier to understand when I put it this way… A Football team has to BELIEVE they are winners… in order to win. You have to BELIEVE you’ll succeed… in order to succeed. And, you have to BELIEVE there’s an answer to your problem… in order for one to be created. In fact, BELIEF is the catalyst that actually makes it manifest in your world. I’ve learned this. And it works. Success ALWAYS follows thoughts of success.

Try it today. Believe that today will be awesome. Don’t fake it. Really try to believe that today will work out just fine, regardless of what you see with your eyes. Have some faith. Have a LOT of Faith. And it will, according to the strength of your belief. It’s all up to you.

Then WATCH it unfold. Don’t worry if you don’t know HOW. Just believe it regardless.

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday…

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