2014 Polestar VOLVO XC60 R-Design appears @ The Fireball Pad… #volvo #swedish @volvo


So… there I was, sloppin’ in some Taco fixins when there appeared a flash in the sky! A bolt from BEYOND! A thunderous crashing of Sveedish Flair! And then… it appeared. Ooooooo….

BAM! Right in front of my eyes, the all new 2014 Polestar VOLVO XC60 R-Design snapped into existence from the ether. Why? Well, because I drive coolness and the Universe wouldn’t send me anything BUT, duh. (Yea, that’s funny, I just said BUTTduh.)

So… for the weekend, I’ll be rockin’ this ride from Scandinavia through the Bu, in search of other Swedish things. (Yes, more than meatballs… and No, there’s no Ikea here.) But… I hear the Swedes make awesome chocolate and there HAS to be some somewhere. Got any ideas?

BIG THANKS to the Gods of Scandinavia for flickin’ this car my way, and same goes to the peeps of Volvo for makin’ it in white. It’s pearly…

UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!!!!!

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