It’s time for FUTURETECTURE…


Wait, let me adjust my future inducing time-piece. “Click!” There…

Welcome to the Future… Now, you may be asking yourself, why is everything so white? Well, glad you asked… In the future, COLOR has been outlawed due to it’s emotional attachment. And they don’t want people just running around like naked streakers yelling that they saw something yellow, right? I mean, could you imagine how they’d react if they saw GREEN or RED? Oh yea, Christmas is outlawed also. WAY too much color.

But, there is hope. I’m running for Prez. And that means Root Beer in the all new drinking fountains and bringin’ color back. Vote for me and I’ll throw in a Purple Coat. Done.

marte-marte-architekten-schanerloch-bridge-designboom-02 Rostov-on-don-airport-Fireball_Tim SAMOO-national-library-of-sejong-city-designboom-01 steven-holl-architects-visual-arts-building-at-university-of-iowa-designboom-01

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