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Kathie and I headed out last night in the 2014 KIA FORTE EX, in search of the best Italian food within a 10 mile radius. Why take a Korean Car to an Italian restaurant? Because that’s how we roll… But after meeting the owner of CAFFE DELFINI GianPietro Silardi at the door of this San Francisco-esque Italian nook, and with a huge “Bona Serra,” I knew we were in for a treat…

GianPietro and his partner Alex have run this place for over 20 years and it’s clear because it was virtually flawless. We sat in a warm quiet spot and were immediately greeted with Chianti and a tart Bruschetta that only made me realize I was hungrier than I thought.

Then, as the Bruschetta was #1, we began an Italian journey of tastes that escalated from one to the next. The #2 was an Arugula Salad with no skimp on the Parmesan and the Basalmic dressing was off the chart. I kept thinking I should have another, but that would have made the upcoming #4 impossible. I wasn’t gonna be THAT instigator.

The #3 was a tremendous surprise and an exclusive to CAFFE DELFINI. GianPietro called it “Zinguini.” Zuccini prepared like pasta with a variety of saucy choices. We picked the Pesto (shown) and the fiery Arriabiata. Both were fantastic, but the biggest awesomeness was the fact that we weren’t actually eating Pasta, but straight-up veggies! And being a vegetarian, I was left with ZERO guilt. Cha… and that meant…

The #4.

It came swiftly after I slurped the final Pesto droplet with a warm slice of bread. And that,… was the Flour-less Chocolate Cake. Not cake… Not Mousse… not like anything I’ve ever had. And I’ve had EVERYTHING. Although we couldn’t finish it, I wished that I could magically go back in time and start this process all over again.

Wait… That was last night. I CAN!

Do yourself a favor and head to this Italian Gem in the Palisades right off PCH at Channel. Celebrate that new job. Celebrate your engagement. Celebrate Life. Or… just Celebrate the fact that there’s people out there creating awesomeness. BIG THANKS to GianPietro and Alex. I’ll be back…

CAFFE DELPHINI – 147 West Channel Road – Santa Monica, Ca. 90402 – 310 459 8823

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