2013 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC rocks the socks… off @art_center #design #cardesign @Dave_Kunz


Great show in Pasadena over the weekend. Had a chance to hang with some greats including host Dave Kunz, Chevrolet Designer Tom Peters, Honda Chief Designer Dave Marek (above) and of course, the Jaymeister. Saw some incredible cars and brought back some great memories of going to school there back in the 80’s. Check out these awesome rides.. amounting to about a billion dollars worth.

DSC07246DSC07290 DSC07275 DSC07250 DSC07251 DSC07252 DSC07253 DSC07255 DSC07256 DSC07257 DSC07258 DSC07259 DSC07260 DSC07261   DSC07264  DSC07267 DSC07271 DSC07273 DSC07274  DSC07277 DSC07278 DSC07279 DSC07280 DSC07281 DSC07282 DSC07283     DSC07291 DSC07292  DSC07297 DSC07300 DSC07306


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