BEST Concept Art of the Week… #conceptart #design #gameart


Movie Art is my favorite, which is why I do it. But there are so many people out there now that are incredibly talented, which is why we celebrate them. This set belongs to Ioan Dumitrescu, Wen Jr, Nicolas Francoeur, Andreas Rocha, Ben Mauro & Mark Daniels.

002-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu 004-amazing-digital-art-wenjr 004-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu 005-amazing-digital-art-wenjr 005-digital-art-nicolasfrancoeur  008-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu 017-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu alm_atias_refuge_by_andreasrocha600_359 Ben_Mauro_FZD_XO9_06f_BM-680x933 Mark-Daniels-Return-of-the-Jedi

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