KCL COSTUMES confirmed for Ellen DeGeneres’ 12 Days of Christmas… This is #7! #costumes #mascots #mascot #ellendegeneres

You could say that my wife is on a roll. For about 7 years now… Today confirms that Kathie will be building Ellen DeGeneres’ 7th Christmas Mascot for her successful daytime show. If you can’t remember all of them, don’t worry… here they are.

Hot Toddy, O’ Mag, Big Booty, Elphish, Hot Mess & Holly Berry.

What will #7 be? And what star will be wearing it? Ohhhh, no. You’re not gonna get that from me. Not even if you email me 10 pounds of Milk Chocolate!

Wait. Can that be done? Seriously…

EllenShow Picture 7 DSC05458Final3 EllenHotMess Ellen2

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